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Tuesday & Wednesday 22/23 September

Out with the Tomatoes and in with Some Growbeds

A couple of decent September days with temperatures around average for late September and no rain.

I decided it was time for a change around in the greenhouse. Our tomato plants were taking up an awful lot of space for the amount of tomatoes that were left on the plants. The tomatoes were removed and will be ripened elsewhere, perhaps in the summerhouse.

This year we are trying something new in an attempt to have some winter salad crops. Rather than the greenhouse be left empty or worse still filled with “stuff” we can’t be bothered to clear away before winter sets in we’re trying our luck with some growbeds.

Three of these beds have been set up down one side of the greenhouse. They’re pretty big and take a large amount of compost to fill them up. Each one so far has the contents of two extra large growbags emptied into it. These were used through summer for our tomato plants so I’m going to add some fish, blood and bone before topping them up with some extra compost.

All we need to decide then is what crops to try in them.  

Thursday to Sunday 24/27 September

A Settled Spell

The weather has been fairly settled for the last few days. It’s meant some cool, cloudy or even foggy mornings with some afternoon sunshine if we’ve been lucky. Sunday produced the coldest day of autumn so far despite a mild and sunny afternoon. A cold night with the temperature down to 4°C (39.2°F) followed by a foggy morning left us with a daily average of 9.8°C or 49.6°F.

The foggy mornings do show how many spiders webs we have in the garden. Our palm tree seems to be particularly favoured.

After a couple of days away in the North Yorkshire Moors photographing birds and trains it was back to the plot on Sunday to plant our winter onions. I think that completes all our sowing and planting on the plot for this year.

It will soon be time to start planning next year’s crops. Those tempting seed catalogues are already falling through the letterbox.

Monday 28 September

Will They Wont They?

The settled pattern of weather continued on Monday except that the morning mist and cloud didn’t clear away until the early afternoon.

Back on the 29 July we sowed a row of very late Onward peas as a bit of an experiment to see if we could manage a very late harvest or if they would succumb to the cooler weather.

Despite a cool September they’ve not grown too badly and are now starting to produce a few flowers

Perhaps if we’re lucky enough to get a good October we might yet get a few late fresh peas as an tasty treat.

Tuesday 29 September

A Cold September

Tuesday was another day of misty and cloudy conditions lasting until the early afternoon before the sun broke through giving us a lovely late afternoon. One thing’s for sure now is that this September will be our coldest of the six years I’ve been keeping weather records. Although there’s still one day to go it’s not going to make any dramatic changes to this month’s average temperature.

We made the most of the afternoon sunshine with a walk around RSPB Fairburn Ings. As usual the birds kept a long telephoto lens away but we did manage one or two pictures.

The long range forecast seems to be suggesting a rather more unsettled pattern of weather for October. We shall see.