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Page: Nov 2015 wk 1


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Monday 02 November 2015

Almost a Heatwave

A mild spell for Halloween and the first day of November seems to be becoming a bit of a trend. Mornings and evenings have been misty and murky but if the fog lifts and the sun breaks through it’s been very mild in the sunshine.

Temperature & Sunshine Records 31 October to 02 November 2015

The plan for the weekend was a little bit of steam train photography mixed in with some autumn scenery. It didn’t quite work out as planned due to the weather.

On Saturday we left home in some lovely sunshine heading towards York but we hadn’t got too far before we ran into some mist and low cloud making steam train or any other photography for that matter a bit tricky.

Sunday morning dawned foggy and we decided against a planned trip into the Peak District but by lunchtime the sun was out and it had turned into a lovely day. We set off for Stocksmoor in the afternoon for a spot of steam train photography. Lots of other people had the same idea!

When you’re busy photographing trains you have to have eyes in the back of your head to notice if anything interesting is going on behind you.

By the time we arrived home on Sunday it was just starting to get dark and the mist had descended again.

It hasn’t lifted all day on Monday so perhaps we’ve had the final fling of good weather as we head towards winter.

Wednesday 04 November 2015

Persistent Mist

Since the mist and fog descended late Sunday afternoon it’s not really cleared away completely. Monday was the worst day for fog but since then it’s remained dull, damp and misty.

The poor weather hasn’t bothered us too much as we’re in full decorating mode at the minute.

Temperature & Sunshine Records 31 October to 05 November 2015

Thursday 05 November 2015

More Mist Then Rain

The damp, murky and misty weather continued on Thursday morning. By the middle of the afternoon we got some heavier rain.

We had an unexpected day off decorating today as yesterday’s paintwork was still a little bit tacky so we decided to leave it for another day before starting to wallpaper.

I decided I’d check out the quinces stored in the summerhouse.

I don’t think the damp weather of the last week has proved ideal storage conditions and a couple of fruits had started to turn mouldy. These were removed and half the remaining quinces were converted into quince compote. I also decided on the same course of action for  some of our stored Bramley apples.

For comparison purposes Bramley apple compote is on the left and Meeches Prolific quince compote is on the right.