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December 2009 Weather Summary

Without doubt December has been a month of two halves. Up to the 16th of the month temperatures were reasonably close to the expected long term averages. From the 17th onwards temperatures suddenly fell well below average and failed to recover during the rest of the month. Initially reports are suggesting the coldest December for 10 years. Rainfall for the month was a little below average making up for the excesses of November.
The early predictions for January are for the cold weather to continue at least until the middle of the month with some extremely cold nights and days to come. I’ve seen one prediction that we may finish up with one of the coldest 10 winters of the last 100 years. Let’s hope that that like many other predictions it turns out to be wrong.
December Details
Temperature Data
Maximum temperature [warmest day?] 11.1°C at 05:29 on 6th December
Lowest maximum temperature [coldest day] 0.3°C at 13:30 on 18th December
Minimum temperature [coldest night] -6.5°C at 05:30 on 22nd December
Highest minimum temperature [warmest night] 11.1°C at 05:29 on 6th December
Maximum average temperature 8.6°C on 6th December 2009
Lowest average temperature -1.9°C on 22nd December 2009

Rainfall Data
Rainfall in month 59.8 mm (long term average 73.4mm)
Wettest day in month 6th December 8.9mm
Most rainfall in 1 hour on 6th December 4.2mm (06:30 to 07:30)
Wind Speed Data
Maximum wind speed 5.7 mph at 02:29 on 23rd December
Maximum wind gust speed 10.1 mph at 11:30 on 6th December & 21:30 on 17th December