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Page: Nov 2015 wk 3


This weather site is operated as an amateur weather station site and should not be used as official data. I make every effort to ensure my data is as accurate as possible but I cannot guarantee that the data meets the requirements of the Meteorological Office or other professional weather monitoring organisations.

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Saturday & Sunday 14/15 November 2015

Rain & Gales

It's been a very wet weekend. We had plenty of rain on both Saturday and Sunday with slightly more on Saturday. It was also pretty windy on both days too. Saturday saw 10.4mm (0.41”) of rainfall whilst we had 9.6mm (0.38”) on Sunday.

We've managed 29.4mm (+1.16”) now since we've had a spell of 24 hours without any rain.

Sunday saw the wind gusting to 28mph which equals my highest recorded value for November. The last time I recorded a similar value in November was on 11 November 2010.

Temperature, Rainfall & High Wind Speed Records for Friday 13 to Sunday 15 November 2015

Our tub of dahlias has taken a bit of a battering in the strong winds. I’ll cut them back and move the tub into the greenhouse to give the tubers some winter protection.

The forecast for next week is for the wet and windy conditions to continue into the latter part of the week before we get a cold snap beginning on Friday and lasting into the early part of the following week. The wind direction changes to a northerly and there's the possibility of snow on higher ground in Scotland and northern England. Temperatures through the day are expected to be only just above freezing.

Monday 16 November 2015

Another November Record

As you might be aware this November saw the mildest day I've recorded over the past six years. It's now managed a rather more unwanted record as the early hours of Monday my weather station recorded a wind speed of 29mph the highest I've recorded in November.

As Monday was a nice day I'd decided to move our dahlias and lavender into the greenhouse for winter when I spotted something on the lawn.

I couldn't help but notice this morning when I spotted Woody finishing up some fallen bird seed that he looked like he'd been in a scrap. He looked a bit more like a vulture with his featherless neck.

Perhaps this is where Woody had his scrap. It looks like some feathers either from a small bird or maybe from around Woody’s neck as they appear to be the right colour.

Whatever the problem it doesn't seem to have stopped him or her eating.

Tuesday & Wednesday 17/18 November 2015

More Gales and Rain

Tuesday and Wednesday were wet and windy nothing too unusual about that at the moment.

We’re about two thirds of the way through November and it’s clear there’s the possibility of November 2015 becoming the mildest on record and as far as my Ossett weather station is concerned the windiest as well.

As there’s some time to go to see if the temperature record is broken I’ll confirm that November 2015 is the windiest November of my six years of record keeping.

As you can see from the graph above this November's block is easily bigger than any previous Novembers and still has time to grow a little bit more.

Comparing six years of wind speed records for January then 2015 is the windiest January I’ve recorded. That is also the case for March, May, June, July and now November.

It sort of goes without saying that 2015 will be the windiest year I’ve recorded.

I much preferred that settle spell of calm weather in October even if we had some misty mornings, and if we were lucky some afternoon sunshine, to the continuous battering from wind and rain that we’re getting now.

Temperature, Rainfall & Wind Gust Speed Records 17 November to 19 November 2015

Thursday & Friday 19/20 November 2015

November Arrives at Last

The windy weather continued through Thursday and Friday. We had showers rather than persistent rain. Friday saw the temperature fall as the weekend’s cold spell began to replace the milder conditions.

Friday became the coldest autumn day of the year but I suspect it will be replaced immediately by Saturday. For the record Friday’s average was 5.2°C (41.4°F) with a low of 2.8°C or 37.0°F.

Saturday morning has started sunny with a bitterly cold wind and the temperature hovering around the 3°C (37.4°F) mark.

Looks like it could be summer doesn’t it as one of our wood pigeons waits patiently to see what goodies will be going onto the bird table on Saturday morning.

Temperature, Rainfall & Wind Gust Speed Records 18 November to 20 November 2015

Saturday 21 November 2015

Turned Out Frosty

As well forecast Saturday turned out to be the coldest day of autumn so far. It was a cold sunny day with a high temperature of 4.6°C (40.3°F) and low of -1.0C or 30.2°F. We had Met Office warnings in place for ice, gales and snow none of which turned out to be appropriate in our particular location.

The temperature has been on a downward trend since Wednesday reaching its lowest point just after midnight on Saturday at -1.1°C or 30.0°F. By mid morning on Sunday ice on the bird bath was melting quickly.

Temperature Records 16 November to 22 November 2015

The forecast seems to be for milder weather next week but with more normal November temperatures than we’ve perhaps become accustomed to.

I wonder how long our rose can go on flowering. There’s another bud waiting to do its bit once this flower is finished.