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Page: Nov 2015 wk 2


This weather site is operated as an amateur weather station site and should not be used as official data. I make every effort to ensure my data is as accurate as possible but I cannot guarantee that the data meets the requirements of the Meteorological Office or other professional weather monitoring organisations.

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Friday 06-Sunday 08 November 2015

Fall Has Arrived

We spent most of last week decorating. As far as things go it wasn’t a bad week to choose as we wouldn’t have got much done outside. From a misty, damp and cloudy start to the week the only change was that became a windy and wet end to the week.

On Sunday 01 November we had a lovely mild day with some afternoon sunshine. In the garden our acer was putting on a spectacular autumn display.

What a difference a week makes at this time of year especially if the weather isn’t that good.

I’m surprised the strong gusty wind hasn’t blown the leaves about a bit more than it has. Still it makes for a lovely carpet under the Acer for a few days.

The wet and windy weather is forecast to continue for a few days yet.

Monday 09 November 2015

November Records and Uncosmetic Veg!

Tuesday 10 November 2015 turned out to be a record breaker for my Ossett weather station. The overnight low temperature only fell to 15.9°C (60.6°F) making it the warmest November night I've recorded. It breaks the previous record set on 01 November 2014 which was 12.6°C or 54.7°F. Not only that but the daytime temperature went on to reach 17.9°C (64.2°F) breaking the previous highest November temperature also set on 01 November 2014 of 17.6°C (63.7°F).

Whilst I'm on the subject of temperature records it seems there's been lots of speculation about our autumn this year being very mild. Certainly last week on Autumn Watch they seemed to mention how mild this autumn has been on numerous occasions. From my records it seems that we've missed out in Ossett. Our autumn started off fairly cool but has since improved and is now around average for end of October beginning of November.

As November has started off very mild there is every possibility that autumn in Ossett will turn out to be above average in the end. Of course it might have been very different where you live.

At this time of year warm can often mean wet and windy too but Tuesday afternoon was sunny with a blustery wind. We were out of fresh vegetables so a visit to the allotment was needed. We had a good harvesting session but as I washed the soil from our newly dug carrots and parsnips I couldn't help thinking about Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s War on Waste,which we'd watched on TV. He is trying to cut back on the amount of food thrown way for no good reason. Certainly none of our carrots or parsnips would pass the supermarkets cosmetic tests and would be consigned to being dug back into the ground.

I can assure you that won't be the case with our veggies. They may take a little bit more time to prepare than the perfectly formed carrots and parsnips on the supermarket shelves but they'll taste infinitely better.

If you want to read more on Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall War on Waste then click here.

Tuesday to Thursday 10-12 November 2015

Balmy November

The weather has continued mild over the last three days with some pleasant sunny spells although we’ve had a bit of a blustery wind at times but nothing to complain about considering it’s almost the middle of November.

A bit bizarrely the average temperature for November is actually higher then October’s. In fact it’s not much different to September’s.  

I took this photo of one of our hellebore’s which is just coming into flower. I can’t decide whether it’s flowering very very late or extremely early!

Friday 13 November 2015

More Like November

Trust me to write a blog about the mild weather then look what happens. At the end of Thursday November's average temperature was 11.9°C or 53.4°F. We've become accustomed to temperatures in the mid teens but Friday only managed a high of 10.3°C (50.5°F). We had some sunny spells but it even managed to rain in the sunshine. With a blustery breeze it really did feel like November had arrived.  

There’s been more wet and windy weather since our last visit so it will be interesting to see how many leaves remain when we make our next trip to the plot.

Down on the allotment the plum trees have already lost their leaves in the recent wet and blustery conditions and taken on a winter appearance on our last visit.

However our Meeches Prolific quince tree, which flowers and fruits later than our plums, still had plenty of leaves on the tree when we visited. It puts on a much better autumn display than the apples, pears and plums.