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Page: Oct 2015 wk 4


This weather site is operated as an amateur weather station site and should not be used as official data. I make every effort to ensure my data is as accurate as possible but I cannot guarantee that the data meets the requirements of the Meteorological Office or other professional weather monitoring organisations.

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Wednesday-Friday 21-23 October 2015

Wet and Windy

Wednesday saw the breakdown of our settled spell of weather. The early hours of Wednesday morning were wet with 8.8 mm (0.35”) of rainfall. The remainder of the day was dull and breezy.

Thursday on the other hand was dry but windy with the strongest gusts of the month. The recent spell of settled weather has been lovely and calm. A couple of breezy days has certainly brought lots of autumn leaves down from the trees.

In the early hours of Friday morning the temperature fell to 2.3°C (36.1°F) our coldest temperature of autumn so far and unsurprisingly Friday finished with the coldest average daily temperature for the month of 8.2°C or 46.8°F.

Temperature, Rainfall and Hi Wind Speeds Wednesday 21 - Friday 23 October 2015

Saturday & Sunday 24-25 October 2015

A Decent Weekend after a Wet Start

I don't suppose it's been too bad a weekend for the end of October. After some morning rain on Saturday it brightened up in the afternoon. Sunday was bright for most of the day but chilly finishing with an average daily temperature of 8.0°C (46.4°F) the lowest this autumn.

We didn't manage a trip to the plot this weekend. However we are still managing to harvest a few salad leaves from our raised bed in the cold frame courtyard.

I have cheated a bit in the photograph as those Sungold tomatoes were picked last weekend from outside on the plot. I have been really impressed with our Sungold tomatoes grown outside this year. We picked our first outdoor ones on 11 August and they’ve provided us with a steady supply through to the end of October.

I checked through our apples and quinces stored in the summer house on Sunday afternoon. Luckily I only found one small Golden Delicious apple starting to turn mouldy. Our bowl of apples consists of Golden Delicious, Egremont Russet and Fiesta.

Monday and Tuesday 26-27 October 2015

Six Years of Weather Blogs and Some Harvesting

It's my blog's sixth birthday today well on the 27 October. The weather on Tuesday wasn't very good for its birthday in fact it was much like it was six years ago when it was damp and cloudy all day.

For the record here is a table of the highs and lows, wettest and driest days and months of the last six years.

Although the weather wasn't very nice we needed to make a visit to the allotment for some fresh vegetables. It had been ten days since our last visit. Although it hadn't actually rained it was a welly day as the grass was soaking wet.

Our lettuces are managing to survive the damp conditions and cold nights which is surprising as they're not winter varieties. I thought it was about time to check out our parsnips and see if they had grown some reasonable sized roots. The first couple of roots were very disappointing with only a very small parsnip appearing out of the ground. I then came to one parsnip which I couldn't get out with my fork. The soil was dry and the root was very deep. In the end I had to use a spade to get the parsnip out of the ground without doing too much damage. Having dug a few more roots I am reasonably satisfied with the general size. They should keep us supplied well into winter. I think the flavour will be even better once they have had a frost.

A complete list of our harvest can be found here. You may need to navigate down the page to the 27 October as this page lists all our harvests in October.

We managed a decent harvest considering it's almost November.

Wednesday and Thursday 28-29 October 2015

A Miserable End to October

Wednesday and Thursday were dull and wet, failing to record any sunshine at all. My weather station has recorded 15.8mm (0.62”) of rainfall without a 24 hour spell of dry weather up to 10:30 am on Friday morning.

Friday is not starting off a great deal better although the heaviest of the rain should be past now with showers to follow.

Temperature and Rainfall from Wednesday 28 through to Friday (10:30am) 30 October 2015

We’ve not had an enormous amount of rainfall it’s just made everything rather wet and soggy.

Friday 30 October 2015

Sunny and Mild

Friday started off like the last couple of days very dull and wet. Then just after lunch time the clouds dispersed, the sun came out, and the temperature lifted to 17.8° C or 64.0°F. The mild sunny weather tempted me out into the garden. There wasn't much I could do as the ground was wet and very squishy and squelchy.

After a dry spell of weather it’s been a rather wet week with 16.8mm (0.66”) of rainfall and whilst that’s not a great amount it’s easy to forget that in October things don’t dry up as quickly as they do in summer. Especially with a few damp and dreary days thrown in for good measure.

As it was reasonably mild I decided to give our bird feeders a good clean out before winter really sets in. Too much wet weather seems to make the feeders a bit gunged up where the seed is dispensed. Hopefully they will be alright to last over winter now.

It’s now back to the time of year where the best of our bird photography is done from the comfort of the house watching the birds come and go to the feeders. Our little wren wasn’t a bad start.