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Page: Oct 2015 wk 1


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Friday 02 October 2015

A Season of Fog Continues

Thursday saw another cool and foggy start to the day before the sun broke through in the afternoon.

All my updated weather graphs for September can be found here and the updated charts for this year here.

Saturday to Monday 03-05 October 2015

A Change at Last

The weather continued in the pattern of coolish nights, foggy mornings and afternoon sun through the weekend eventually breaking down on Monday. Monday turned out cloudy and mild with rain on and off all day but not really amounting to much.

We’d been away for a couple of days to visit the late Geoff Hamilton’s garden, Barnsdale in Rutland  and a visit to the Great Central Railway Gala on Saturday. I’d had some doubts about visiting Barnsdale Gardens so late in the season. I thought most of the flowering plants would be finished and any allotment areas would be well past their best by the beginning of October. In the end we decided to visit in any case.

I hadn’t given a thought to the trees giving the garden its structure and that they would now be turning into their spectacular autumn colours.

It was warm and sunny as we slowly made our way around the gardens.

There were still some roses putting on a late display. It turned out to be the best of our days out as Saturday was much cooler and cloudier. Walking around the gardens I could almost hear Geoff explaining how he’d built the paths and garden furniture as well as why he’d decided to use the plants he had.

I think we might be making some return visits.

Tuesday 06 October 2015

Turned Out Wet

The weather has certainly changed although I’m not sure now it’s for the better. Tuesday for most of the day was rather mild and muggy after a little bit of over night and early morning rain. Around lunch time the sun attempted to break through the cloud but the clouds won.

Our peppers and aubergines haven’t really enjoyed the last month of cold nights in the greenhouse and so we decided to pick the lot as some were starting to rot.

The remaining tomatoes were picked so the greenhouse is now cleared of its summer crops. As we finished clearing away the sky darkened threatening some heavy rain. It didn’t arrive until early evening along with some thunder.

A rate of 80 mm/hr will give us October’s average rainfall in 30 minutes. Fortunately it didn’t last too long and the day’s total came to 16.0mm (0.63”) our second wettest October day I’ve recorded. The wettest was 03 October 2010 with 17.4mm or 0.69”.

We’ve more heavy rain forecast for Wednesday.

Wednesday & Thursday 07/08 October 2015

A Final Strim

After a rather wet few days Thursday turned out much better with some long sunny spells. After a chilly night it took a while for the temperature to warm up a bit. With only a light wind it felt pleasant in the afternoon sunshine.

We had planned a trip to the plot in the afternoon. It has been a few weeks since the grass was strimmed. It was desperately in need of another trim.

It took me most of the afternoon to finish strimming the plot. I still need to do the edges of the beds but I will do them over the next few visits.  

There is definitely a look of autumn on the plot now. The leaves from the plum trees have turned yellow and are now falling to the ground. It’s only a couple of weeks ago that we were harvesting plums.

In the middle of the afternoon there were some very dark clouds over the motorway. It looked for a time that we might get a heavy shower but luckily the rain stayed away.

I’m wondering if this will be the last time I need to cut the grass this year. Perhaps just one more time.