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Monday 01 June 2015

Meteorological Summer Begins -Really!

The start of June hasn’t changed the weather and the first day of the month was cool and windy with a few showers throughout the day.

Our rose White Cloud has produced its first flower of the season tucked away in a sheltered spot in the back border.

I’m glad to see the back of May weatherwise as it’s been a very disappointing month. Based on my records over the last five years it’s turned out to be the windiest and by a few hours the dullest. It’s avoided the reputation as the coldest May by the enormous margin of 0.1°C with the average temperature coming in at 11.3°C (52.3°F), the coldest May that I have recorded being 2013 at 11.2°C (52.2°F). For good measure it’s turned out to be the second wettest too so you can see it hadn’t too much going for it. The appropriate tables are shown below.

Tuesday 02 June 2015

A June Record Broken Already and a Strange Tomato

There’s no getting around it Tuesday was a horrible day for June. It was windy most of the morning but it picked up in strength through the late morning and into the afternoon. A gust of 27mph set a new 6 year record high breaking the previous highest of 23mph.

Temperature and Wind Speed Records Monday 01 June - Wednesday 03 June 2015

You may remember I posted about a tomato plant I’d been given called Crimson Crush. It’s grown considerably since I last posted and I thought it was about time it moved on into a larger pot.

As you can see the plant is making a very good root system but it is growing in a most unusual way for a tomato. It’s as if the plant is enlarging rather than growing and it doesn’t appear to want to make new leaves or a central stem. The existing leaves just seem to be getting bigger.

Now in its larger pot it should be good for a few more weeks growing. My aim is to plant it outside on the plot next to some other tomato plants and see if blight strikes any of the plants leaving Crimson Crush free of blight which is its claim to fame.

Wednesday & Thursday 03/04 June 2015

A Polar Bear Trick on the Warmest Day of the Year

Wednesday wasn’t a bad day but Thursday was forecast to be much better. On Thursday morning we set out for a visit to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park near Doncaster on what turned out to be the warmest day of the year at 23.3°C (73.9°F).

We’d been meaning to visit for a while as we wanted to see the two male polar bears Victor and Pixel which have arrived at the park since our visit last year.

The Wildlife Park is planning for the arrival of more polar bears and new paddocks are under construction ready for their arrival. Victor who is fifteen years old and Pixel who is two years old aren’t exactly cramped for space.

Both polar bears are in the picture but they’re not that easy to spot. The lake is 8.0m (26ft ) at its deepest point and covers an area of 6500 sq/m (70,000sg/ft). As we watched one of the bears decided to perform its party trick much to the amusement of all the children watching.


A quick technical note about this video. I made my first attempt at recording and editing in 4k video at the Park. If you watch this video on Youtube you can select the option to watch in 4k by clicking on the little cog in the bottom right hand corner and clicking on the appropriate quality from 4k down to 144p.

After watching the polar bear for a while I though I might be struggling for a better bit of video especially as the lions, tigers and leopard only seemed content to remain almost hidden in the shade. It turned out I was wrong but a little bit of video editing will be required to sort out the afternoon’s star turn.  

Friday 05 June 2015

That Didn’t Last Long Did It?

Friday became our warmest day of the year as early in the afternoon the temperature reached 24.0°C (75.2°F). By mid afternoon the weather was already changing as the clear blue skies of the morning clouded over and a stiff coolish breeze picked up. I suppose we have to be thankful for a day and a half of decent weather.

The wind from last week has already damaged some of the main stems to one of our cardoons. It’s not supposed to be windy in June!

On the plot Sue planted out our squash, pumpkin and courgette plants. By the time we left they already had a bit of a lean on due to the strong breeze. It felt like we might be planting them out a bit early but then again it is June so if they can’t safely be planted out now I don’t know when.

The forecast for the next few days is not that impressive for early June. We might get some sunshine but the temperatures are fairly disappointing.

Saturday 06 June 2015

More Gales and Cute Tiger Cubs

The weather doesn’t seem to know it’s June as we were treated to more gales force winds on Saturday. Only 6 days into the month and it’s become the windiest June of the last six years.

It’s the first time in June that I’ve recorded gust in excess of 26mph in the month.

Although it was lovely and sunny outside we decided against trying to do any gardening in the very unpleasant conditions. It gave me some time to do a little bit of video editing of our visit to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park on Thursday. After watching one of the polar bears diving into the lake we thought we would be hard pressed to see something else as entertaining but we were wrong.

The three Amur tiger cubs born on the 29 March 2015 came out to play and have a little bit of lunch with their mum, Tschuna.

Some better weather is now required so that I can get on with some gardening.