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for May 2014 diary entry  

May seed sowing schedule
Details of what was sown/planted in May

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For May 2015 weather summary

May harvesting schedule
Details of our May harvest

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May 2015

May Our Plot at GLA blog posts

May Gardener’s Weather Diary posts

Some activities are described in more detail on our blogs - links below

I’ve changed the diary format again - one day I’ll find a format that I like!

May is a busy month so not all activity is recorded in the diary



Lots more bed preparation on the plot

Moved chysanthemums form the greenhouse to the plot.

Planted another bed of potatoes.

Placed codling moth trap into apples.

Potted up rooted lavender cuttings

Take a peep inside our greennhouse

Frost damage



Rain, rain, rain

How does it compare - April?



Pricked out lettuce
nipped out rest of sweet peas and transferred to cold frame

Pea shoots have germinated
Brassica plantlets move to cold frame

An alternative rainbow  - colour in the garden

Not gardening weather is it?



Bucking up - plantlets in the greenhouse

Sowed cucumbers, squash and courgette seed and placed under the growing lights.

Day of the cucurbits

Sowed sunflower seeds
Replanted living lid and gave it protection this time to protect against the birds

Boosting defences - Living Lid

More tidying and bed preparation on the allotment until rain stopped all outdoor activity.

Quince and apple blossom providing a good display.

This won't do for May



Peas resown for pea shoots are growing well after being given mouse protection

Tree following - medlar

Sowed more salad leaves, radish and red cosmos which doesn't germinate as well as the white.

On the plot sowed mangetout and covered emerging potatoes with straw or earthed up.

At least it stayed dry - potatoes



Planted out the rooted dianthus cuttings

More weeding and bed preparation

Sweet pea preparations

Lots of pricking out



Under cover of darkness - ferns

Starting off with good intentions - lettuce

Erected new fence in cold frame courtyard,

Pea shoots are growing well now,
Come into our garden



More bed preparation
Planted out sweet peas,
Harvested first pea shoots

Reprieve and destruction - strawberries and cherry tree

Growing pea sticks

Made a cover for the WoodBlocx bed
Sowed more salad stuff in the bed and more pea shoots
Started painting the summer house



More work on cold frame courtyard
Sowed more salad crops
Planted first lettuce in Woodblocx raised bed
Set up some wires for climbers in new perennial bed
Red and Green - harvests

Poor weekend weather - courtyard work

More work on cold frame courtyard

Return visit to the plot - video of plot

Getting there - video of plot and courtyard work



Feeling Blue



Planted first lot of annual flowers on the plot

More bed preparation
Come into the garden part two

Tomato trials

Visited Stillingfleet Lodge Nursery Gardens and bought some new perennials,

When two became eight - Stillingfleet Lodge



Sowed more peas and mangetout
Planted calabrese, cabbage and savoy

We just can't get enough - Peas

A matinee performance - The Plot

Planted roses and sambucus in cold frame courtyard
planted new perennials,

Salad Days



At the risk of being boring - rhubarb and sweet rocket

Cleared greenhouse for tomatoes to be planted up
More work on cold frame courtyard
sown more salad seed and planted more lettuce in raised bed
Sowed more annual flower seeds
Making space

Resowed carrots after slugs ate every one of the germinated seedlings.

Sowed beetroot

Planted lettuce leftover from yesterday in the plot
Starting Again - resowing carrots



Friend or foe - the wasp

Pricked out violas
Potted on sweetcorn
Planted tomatoes and cucumbers in garden greenhouse



The wind just doesn't let up

Gales just keep coming

Planted more annual flowers, leftover potatoes and broad beans on the plot.

Erected bean poles and sweet pea framework.

Supporting role


Windy and cold again