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Our Attempts at a Biodiverse Plot and Garden.


Our gardens and allotment plots offer wildlife a refuge when many wild habitats are being reduced. Read how we try to make our garden and allotment plot a wildlife friendly environment





Bird Nesting Box Cam


In February 2011 we put up a new nesting box which has a camera installed so we can view life inside a nest box. This link takes you to another of our web sites where we have created a diary on what went on inside.






Why Make a Log Pile?


As we had acquired a pile of sawn off tree stumps and branches on site, we decided to create a log pile under a large evergreen shrub







Making a Solitary Bee Motel


Unlike the social honey bees and bumble bees that live in communities most bees live solitary lives. There are more than 200 species of solitary bees found in Britain. Some solitary bees nest in holes in the ground and others in hollow stems or holes in wood. This bee motel was one of several made from an ash tree log.




Look after the birds and they'll help you to look after your garden


Our garden has always been a place to share with wildlife. Being either nocturnal or too small to be able to observe without making an effort, lots of our wildlife visitors will go more or less unnoticed for much of the time leaving only traces of their presence. Birds, however, will readily adopt a garden as a favourite service station if they are provided with the essentials food, water and places to nest and shelter.



Making Bird Cake

You can make various kinds of winter treats to help the birds through the cold winter when food is scarce. Different types of birds feed in different ways. Blue tits will cling upside down, sparrows will cling to hanging containers, robins will visit bird tables and blackbirds like to feed on the ground. If you want to provide them all with treats them you will need to create some treats to hang in trees, some to put on a bird table and others to place on the ground or on low feeding tables.







Planning a wildlife garden

By creating a wild life garden you are not just providing a much needed habitat for our native wild life



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