Our Garden

Although our garden isn't very big it is divided into several distinct areas. Click on a link to find out more about each area.


The sections below describes how out garden has evolved over the course of several years and may not be an accurate description of how things are looking now.


Gardens just keep changing.






Front Garden

It may be a bit of an exaggeration to call the bed outside our window a front garden but as it is all we have at the front of the house it's our front garden!




Magnolia/ Woodland Spring Garden

During spring this area of the garden receives midday sun and dappled shade but during summer when the magnolia is in full leaf the ground is much more densely shaded. For this reason and the fact that this area gives us one of the main views of the garden from inside the house, we have planted spring flowering shade loving plants here.






Bird Bath Bed

This is a small square bed which houses one of our bird baths. It is next to the house and adjoins the magnolia shade garden.







Puddle Pond

As well as having a fish pond in our garden we also have a small pond that we refer to as a Puddle Pond.








Crab apple border

A John Downie crab apple tree dominates one of our larger flower beds.







Pebble Garden

Maybe it would be more accurate to call the area to the right of the pond a pebble bed.









Summer House and Surroundings

This area had a complete renovation in 2012  these pages chart our progress










In 2012 when we had our summerhouse erected we were left with a small bed to the north of the summerhouse that just seemed to cry out for ferns to be planted.









Willow Screen Border / Blue & white Border

This are was also completely renovated in 2011/12.  A mature crab apple Profusion is planted at the front of this perennial border which has a blue and white theme








Aucuba Corner

A small shrub bed which more or less looks after itself.








Hot - Red & Yellow Border

This bed was created in 2015 to provide  summer colour








Small Pebble Bed

This small bed was created in 2015 to tidy up a messy area







Cold Frame Courtyard

Reclaiming a forgotten area behind the greenhouse





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