A Very Short History of Allotments


So where did the idea of keeping an allotment come from?

What is an allotment?


How to get an allotment?


Are allotments unique to the UK?



Why are allotments important?


Community allotment sites do much that is in line with current government thinking with regards to the environment, sustainability, biodiversity and social inclusion so why are they so poorly funded?






About our allotment site at Green Lane


General information, what the site was like in the 80’s

Changes seen over the years

Improvement made




Plots and Plotters


How we tackled a derelict plot.

Some of the people we share our site with

Gallery of strange photos

Radio Leeds visit






Visitors’ Plots & Garden


Some visitors to our site have been kind enough to send photos and information about their plots.

Some are quite close to us and others in other countries






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