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One of our long term projects is to revamp the area around our pond. The initial thoughts were a little bit of tidying up to an area which to be honest has been rather neglected for a good number of years.
We have been happy with our pond for many years especially when plants were at their best in summer. The picture on the right was taken a few years ago and shows our pond at its best. The pond filter is hidden behind the willow screening on the left of the photo.
Last winter certainly took its toll on the plants around the pond. Both the gunnera and tree fern were used to add a tropical touch to the pond area.
The Project
Click to enlarge image # 02 Cutting back
Cutting back
Unfortunately both plants succumbed to last year’s bitter winter leaving the area around the pond short of tropical vegetation this year. With the plants on the arbour covering the pond filter having grown somewhat out of control, we have been trying to decide how we could revamp this area of the garden.
In a way a great deal of dead space is taken up by the filter itself and walls surrounding it. The idea is to make far better use of this space.