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March seed sowing schedule
Details of what was sown/planted in March

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March harvesting schedule
Details of our March harvest

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March 2015

March Our Plot at GLA blog posts

March Gardener’s Weather Diary posts

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I’ve changed the diary format again - one day I’ll find a format that I like!



Made leek and potato soup

Daffodils made an appearance for St David's day

Spring bulbs are blooming

New iris reticulata George



Each morning the blackbirds queue up waiting for the bird table to be topped up

Sunny Showers - Birds feeding

Aconites and snowdrops at night

Flashlight - spring flower images

Late this year - Flowers late this year



In Cold Garden Greenhouse
More onion sets planted in cells
First sign of blossom on apricot tree and the nectarine has flower buds
Greenhouse Surprise

Boys and Girls Come Out - cobnut



First lot of daffodils Topolino and Jetfire and tulips Showwinner have opened.

In the Front Line - spring bulbs in front garden

First lot of onions have shooted.

Green Shoots - onions



Apricot flowers open and nectarine starting to open, Started hand pollinating apricot

Moved bird boxes round
Trimmed last year's fronds off ferns and some spindly growth off medlar
Tree following - medlar
Pruned climbing roses as needed  and late flowering clematis
Planted new climbing roses
Planted 2 cyclamen coum in the pebble garden



Two great tits and a blue tit have been in the nest box. One great tit roosted in there over night.

Nest box Reshuffle

First larkspur germinated.

Planted some blue anemone blanda under the acer.

Planted trachelospermum



Continued hand pollinating stone fruits

Greenhouse Update

First signs of shallots shooting
Peach has flower buds

Brought indoors - apricot , nectarine and peach



The grow light has been set up.
Dull and Cold - raising early tomatoes.
A few tomatoes sown to try for an earlier crop,
Gone and done it - sowing tomatoes

Camellia starting to flower



Sowed first batch of broad beans
First main crop sown - broad beans
Cut back pelargoniums and  used clippings as cuttings  - Cutting it
Planted more dianthus cuttings from cut flowers.

Lawn had first trim
We have frog spawn
Frogs without SatNav
Spring is in the air - nesting box update



Almost there - Some bed preparation and tidying on the plot

Frogs are now busy spawning in the pond
Getting it right this time - Frogs spawning
Was that it? - Solar eclipse
Grass strimmed on the plot and buddleias cut down.
Froggy Frolics



First tomato seedlings germinated,

Sowed first flower seeds Sowing list

Continued hand pollinating stone fruit



Coming to an end - harvest

Some tidying up in greenhouse- Back to some gardening -Cut back Musa basjoo

Pickled some onions before stored onions start to shoot.

Nest Box Action



Ready Steady Plot - plot photos

Froggy Heaven

A Behind - Nest Box



A video tour of the plot

Froze squash puree and parboiled potatoes which were beginning to shoot.
Fertiliser applied to front garden bed.

Tiny figs beginning to appear

Space Invaders - self seeding hellebores



Meaningless Mildness - hardening off

Space Invaders - hellebores

Love at First Sight - Nest box

The Rot Sets In


The wind and rain combined with cold temperature means that the garden and plot are behind.