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for July 2014 diary entry  

July seed sowing schedule
Details of what was sown/planted in July

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For July 2015 weather summary

July harvesting schedule
Details of our July harvest

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July 2015

July Our Plot at GLA blog posts

July Gardener’s Weather Diary posts

Some activities are described in mre detail on our blogs - links below



Harvested first autumn onions and raspberries

Tried gooseberries but not yet sweetened,

Covered cherry tree in garden with fleece to protect from birds

Harlequin ladybird - metamorphosis

Started ti pot up aubergines and sweet peppers.

Planted out seed raised aquilegias

July starts off by breaking records

Cherry protection



Picked first raspberries - Glem Ample and a few purple Glen Coe - and lifted first potatoes - Foremost.

Watered the plot well.

Overnight storm

Potted up more sweet peppers and aubergines

Added wires to fence in cold frame area.

Peep into out jungle - greenhouse



Visited Mount Grace Priory.

Bought a puple sage, mint and gaillardia

Also bought a begonia and impatiens for the house

Mount Grace Priory Garden

Priory and a steam locomotive

Reaping Fruits



Harvested soft fruit and broad beans

Bought knifophia Red Hot Popsicle, two stephanotises and a regal pelargonium for the house

Mount Grace Priory gardens



Tidied up the strawberry bed- removed runners

Pulled up wallflowers,

Strimmed plot

Picked lots of soft fruit

Keeping up with the Willises

Like a sweet shop - what to pick

Planted up herbs

Made new pebble bed.

Lovely day - wrong job



Lifted garlic

Harvested first cauliflower and peas

What to pick first?

Lots top harvest but ...

Thinned out Joan J autumn raspberries

Potted in peppers and aubergines

Tree following - the medlar



A rainy day so a good job that we put the lifted garlic under cover.
Picked first courgettes

Picked last lot of cherries and lots of peas.

Stella - cherries



Pricked out biennial and herb seedlings.

Sowed more salad leaves.

Flower Power

Thinned out All Gold autumn raspberries,
Cut back half of the sweet Williams to see whether they will produce more flowers
Picked lots of fruit



Bought some alpines for new pebble bed.

Some decent rainfall required

Harvesting and planted leeks

And for the fourth time oif trying - planting leeks



Harvesting - picked first yellow mangetout

Pick, pull, cut and pod - harvest

A second unwanted record for July

Lots of watering and dead heading in the garden

Tidied up garlic that has been drying.



Harvested first mini cucumber - Cucino

Planted up mini pebble bed

Mulched fernery

Picked some figs

No entry - controlling the grapevine

Not according to plan - mini pebble bed


Odd weather continues

Spots and stripes - minibeasts



Visit to RHS Harlow Carr

Chilly Nights

RHS Harlow Carr

Prepared rock hard bed for winter brassicas

Picked first blackberries and mangetout

Tasty volunteers



Harvesting and tidying on the plot

A couple of surprises - harvests

Is it autumn already?

Finally got some rain  - but ...

Not enough to do much good on our patched ground



Drizzly showers all day

Disappearing lettuces

We've had plenty now thank you - wildlife area



Harvesting and general tidy up.

Sowed more peas

Moved pink's cuttings that are beginning to flower

Puzzling soil conditions


Planted winter brassicas at last

The diary is just snapshots for full harvesting, sowing and planting visit above links