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How we grow vegetables  on our allotment?

 We don't claim that these articles describe the 'correct' or only way to grow but they do describe the methods that we have found work for us

Click on a link below to read an article. Also visit the Sow & Harvest section

Sowing Parsnip Seeds

It is important to choose a still day when sowing these s seeds. The seeds are wind distributed so very light and easily blown away.

Attempting to beat the dreaded carrot fly

Unfortunately carrot flies thrive in moist and mild climates – just like ours and our countryside provides many wild plants, such as cow parsley, which the carrot fly is attracted to. Problems with carrot fly larvae can discourage gardeners from even trying to grow carrots. This is how we attempt to control the beasts!

Storing Carrots

Can straw be used to protect carrots over winter?

Planning a Bean Feast

There are very few seeds that we sow directly in the ground. This includes all the different varieties of beans that we grow.

Peas are green, tomatoes and beetroot are red and carrots are orange!

Defy convention and grow something a little different!

Growing Sweetcorn

There is nothing to beat the taste of freshly harvested sweetcorn

Just what do pigeons attack?

What happened when we didn't bother to net our cabbages

Spring Cabbage in December

Successional sowings can be worthwhile

Growing Garlic 

Garlic likes a sunny well drained position which can be tricky when growing on a clay soil. For this reason we prefer to start our garlic off in pots in our cold greenhouse.

For a summary of varieties tried and performance click here

Planting Onions & Shallots

We use sets from which to grow our onions and shallots.

Chitting Seed Potatoes 

There seems to be disagreement amongst the "experts" as to whether chitting produces a better crop of potatoes than planting ‘unchitted’ seed potatoes. If your seed potatoes arrive in January the your choice has been made!

Taking some of the hard work out of planting potatoes! 

No more digging trenches for us, we prefer a less labour intensive method

Growing Leeks

Our method of growing leeks to eat rather than to show

Brassica Life cycles

These links all have growing tips too





Brussels Sprout

Peas and Beans Life Cycles

These links all have growing tips too

Broad Bean

French Bean

Garden Pea

Runner Bean

The Onion Family Life Cycles

These links all have growing tips too





Spring Onion

Root Vegetables Life Cycles

These links all have growing tips too








Some of these crops are also brassicas and not technically root crops but I have included them here)

Growing - Sowing Parsnip Seeds Growing Carrot Fly Growing - Storing Carrots Growing - Planning a bean feast Growing Spring Cabbage and successional planting Growing garlic Growing Onions Growing Chitting potatoes Growing Planting potatoes Growing - Coloured vegetables Growing sweet corn The step by step guides through plant life cycles and how to grow them (mentioned above) were designed for children but are equally suitable for beginner gardeners or those who like to keep things simple.