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How we grow fruit on our allotment?

 We don't claim that these articles describe the 'correct' or only way to grow but they do describe the methods that we have found work for us

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Delicious Strawberries in June?

Do you like the idea of freshly picked strawberries in June?

Want more strawberries next year?

Do you want to increase your strawberry stock for next year without buying any more plants?

Alpine Strawberries (Fraises du bois)

Strawberries at Wimbledon? What about strawberries for bonfire night?

Raspberries the poor man's strawberry?

Raspberries for some reason are often considered to be second best in comparison to strawberries. Maybe they can be a little more trouble to grow but the benefits of growing raspberries by far outweigh and effort needed to grow them.

Meddling with Medlars

Fancy growing a fruit that has been around since the Middle Ages and needs to rot before it's edible?

We dined on quince

Another fruit that dates back to the Middle Ages is quince - having tasted its fruit I can't understand why it isn't more popular 

Into battle - pruning blackberries  

Pruning blackberries is a task not for the faint-hearted but someone has to do it!

Give your plum trees a winter wash

Do you have a plum tree which appears dead in July but recovers slightly by September? If you have it might be suffering from Brachycaudus Helichrysi or plum leaf curling aphid. Now is the time to take action to rid your plum tree of this pest.

Controlling apple tree pests

Apples are often damaged by codling moth larvae burrowing in and out of the fruit. Apples and pears are also attacked by winter moth larvae and other crawling insects. So this year we decided to make a concerted effort to control the bugs and hopefully improve the quality of our fruit!

Growing Alpine Strawberries Growing Medlars Growing - Quinces Pruning Blackberries Controlling apple tree pests Winter Wash