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Results in 2008/9

We dug up the last of our overwintered carrots on 3 May 2008 and many were still in good condition - see the video below. We had a really wet spring and the carrots were basically dug out of mud. We also had several frosty days.

Results in 2007/8

The slide show below shows carrots dug on Sunday 4th February 2007.

 If you have had success in storing carrots or preventing carrot rootfly attack then share your secrets by clicking here and posting a comment on the blog.  

We pile straw on top of the carrots making sure it is fluffed up so that the trapped air will provide a duvet effect.

Then the enviromesh that was used as protection from carrot fly during the growing season is replaced. This is held down well to stop it blowing off during windy weather.


Results 2009/10

The winter of 2009/10 was very cold for long periods of time. The last of our carrots were harvested on the 3 March.

We’ve used fleece or enviromesh for several years now and not had a problem with carrot fly but in the past we had not been very successful at keeping carrots over winter.

Using a straw clamp

We'd tried storing carrots in a straw clamp. A container was made using a few bamboo canes and some chicken wire. Carrots tops were removed and the carrots placed in the clamp in several layers.

Some straw was placed on top of each layer and an old compost bag placed on top to keep of some of the wet weather. This method wasn't really successful. Maybe it was a mistake to place the compost bag on top as the carrots were dried out and shrivelled.

Leaving in the ground under straw

The method of storage that we have found works for us is to leave the carrots in the soil.

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