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Natalie's Plot in Cornwall

There were about four rotting old buildings (used for chickens) that had asbestos in them, - and months were spent pulling them down and removing all the rubbish. A new shed and greenhouse were erected and the entire plot dug over. Some trees (out of control buddleia)were cut down but of course, the lovely apple trees were left.

It's taken months of hard work to get it to the state it is at now. The soil was actually really good when it was dug it over. Natalie thinks years of housing chickens had given half of it a good manuring. But she now is able to obtain an unusual supply of manure - Zoo Poo that the local zoo give out at a discounted rate. As most of the animals are fed on fruit and vegetables, Natalie assumes it is safe

Natalie says, "It's lovely to see the plot go from what looked like a builder's yard to a lovely space. The friend I share the allotment with has just had a baby, so we've made one bed a grassed area so she can crawl about (the baby that is, not my friend!).

It's a great space now - the pictures don't do the calmness and lovely wildlife justice. Living in central Newquay, this place is my little haven away from all the mad tourists".

The only problems that she has faced she says, "Are the local kids running on the plot and kicking stuff about and breaking windows".

She also says, " For some reason we've had ants nests like crazy this year - wonder if anyone else has had this problem?"

Carpet is being used to suppress the weeds at the moment, but Natalie is finding it has created a happy environment for the snails. She says that she often hears a tell tale crunch as she walks over it. She adds, "Think it may be grass next year!"

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