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Odette's Garden in Castres -France

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Last Years' Photographs

April 2007

Here is the first photo of our garden. Be patient, I try to explain in English.  

After that a piece of lawn with the little apricot tree (2 years old). To see it look at very carefully behind the 2 yellow lemons!

Then some flowers (stocks, tulips) under the cloth my "chlorophytum". Sorry but I don't know the name in English. You'll see it another time. After the concrete path, from the left-hand side to the right-hand side, the vegetable garden. At the top left-hand corner,  the well then the row with cabbages, you can't see the strawberries.

After the leeks (if you look at the dug soil, in green colours 2 little feet of celery), carrots and dug soil.

(A chlorophytum is a spider plant - Sue)

At the left-hand corner, there is a little greenhouse against the wall. Inside, we put some plants in pots (another lemon trees for example) and flowers. The cherry tree (more than 25 years old) in blossom. In the background are salads. We can see the arches where we put cloth to protect them in winter.  

On the left-hand, you can recognize our cherry tree in blossom; a piece of lawn with a little hedge of juniperus (green bushes sort of juniper without thorn).

In the background, the well; at the left of it we can see a head of rhubarb (through the third arch) and in dark green, sage. It's one of my " corners " where I like to sow parsley and basil. Among those seeds I have chives as well.

Here is our house. This photo has been taken at the back of our garden. I've forgotten the row of onions and near the row of shallots. At the top right-hand corner we can see the rosemary. It's another " corner " where chives, thyme, rhubarb and verbena are growing. 

At the top right-hand side, we can better see a piece of my aromatic herbs (thyme, chives), another head of rhubarb against the low wall and the rosemary.

The hedge of juniperus is badly kept because my husband wants to uproot it.

Here is our little apricot tree, a piece of lawn with its "weeds", my flowers; white tulips, some stocks which begin to flower.

July 17 2007

Is that Odette hiding behind the tomatoes I wonder?

Visitor plot Castres