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Spotty Green Frog For children’s gardening & cooking etc. Orange tree available from Tree2mydoor Things to grow ... Garden ornaments... Stone owls available from RSPB For children... Gardening sets available from RSPB For nature lovers... Nature web cams available from RSPB Things to wear when gardening on feet All available from Blooming Direct Allotment tool/tuck box ... Space for hand tools, string, labels etc and a sliding compartment in the lid to keep your sandwiches away from dirty tool Available from Blooming Direct Storing seeds ... Available from Blooming Direct Stylish Tools... Available from Blooming Direct Keep any bugs and dirt out of your drink by using a mug with a lid that can double as a coaster or small plate! Available from Blooming Direct Garden Flask Available from Blooming Direct Also available from Harrod Horticultural Hands A range of gloves available from Harrod Horticultural GARDENING GIFTS FOR HER GARDENING GIFTS FOR HIM

Just because you are a gardener doesn’t mean that the only gift that you want to receive is something to do with gardening so you may also like to visit this website for more general suggestions

Before chossing a gift for a gardening friend it is worth thinking about what sort of gardener he/she is. Gifts suitable for someone with a flower garden at home will be quite different to those suitable for an allotment gardener.

Also not all gardeners will appreciate gimmicky gifts that seemed like a good idea but have little useful value.

Many of the pages in the Gardening Equipment section would make good gifts to for instance books, fruit pressing, propagators, garden tools, cloches, kitchenware, supporting nature, water features and wormeries

Many Internet sites have pages devoted to gifts for gardeners so I have made direct links to these pages on the left panel under the navigation bar but remember companies are about tempting you to buy something so consider the suggestions carefully before plunging in and buying something that just seemed like a good idea at the time!

Don’t forget to send a greetings card too click here to view some of my designs that you can personalise.

A selection of gardening Gifts for Children is available from Spotty Green Frog

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A range of Life-Cycle sets available from Spotty Green Frog

A range of plant science sets available from Spotty Green Frog