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I am a compulsive amateur photographer! When I go out, I don’t feel completely dressed without my camera. Many photographs that I take are destined for one of my gardening websites or blogs but there are many that don’t really fit the gardening theme and so were destined to sit unloved on my computer. Then I was emailed by a company called mydoodle.com They create customised greetings cards and wall art. Customers can create their own products from scratch using their own photographs, however they can also use images taken from a bank held online or even choose from a readymade design.

Along had come an ideal opportunity for me to share some of my photographs and make them available to anyone who would like to use mydoodle.com to personalise their own greetings cards. I make many of my own greetings cards and love messing about with my photos to create abstract images so now I had a real purpose.

Not content with that I found another site Fine Art America which offer a very similar service. An advantage of Fine Art America is that it ships to parts of the world other than the UK whereas at the moment Mydoodle only delivers to the UK.  As yet however I haven’t as many images available from Fine Art America as from Mydoodle by if you see an image in the Mydoodle section that you like email me and I’ll see if I can upload it to Fine Arts America.

Disclaimer: Although mydoodle.com and Fine Art America pay me a commission for any of my photos or designs used by its customers, I am not directly involved in the sale of any goods purchased through them so please address any queries directly to the appropriate company Also I cannot be held responsible for any problems resulting from any sales that take place.
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