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There may be a variety of reasons why you may opt to create raised beds on your plot or in your garden. We have created separate beds on our allotment plot but have chosen not to use a raised bed system although many fellow plot holders have chosen this methods of gardening.

Most of the systems used would be more accurately described as edged beds as the level of garden soil isn’t raised more than the height of a single row of boards.

So why may you want to consider using a raised bed system?

One possible reason is that you want to create a specific environment in which to grow a plant that requires different conditions or type of soil to that which it would have in open ground. For instance you may wish to grow an acid loving plant but your soil is alkaline or vice versa. You may want to grow a moisture loving plant so could line the bed with pierced polythene to retain moisture. If this is the case you may want consider a large planter or trough.

You may want to have different levels for aesthetic reasons or to site on a paved area. If you do want to site your raised beds on a paved area you may want to consider using a liner shown below to help prevent water, compost and soil from leaking out and stained the paving.

If your soil becomes waterlogged a raised beds can improve the drainage for the plants planted within it but in dry weather raised beds can also need more watering. A raised bed liners can help retain moisture and will also give some protection to the sides of wooden systems. If the beds is placed onto soil a liner can also help to prevent weeds from growing through and into the bed.

If you have difficulty bending, are a wheelchair gardener or want to cut down on digging then you may want to consider system that will bring your plants up to a higher level.

Some stackable systems are available which will allow you to raise the bed to a height that is perfect for you.

Raised beds and troughs are also available in a range of different materials and sizes, some will be more durable than others and some may fit in to your style of garden more than others.

Raised Beds can also be useful in providing a cleaner growing area for children as they can garden without walking or sitting on soil. They can also be used to mark out a child’s own private growing area.

Then of course if you want to make your own raised beds there are plenty of resources on the Internet to help such as this one

A new product for garden landscaping. Chunky wooden BlocX fit together using large plastic dowels to create strong raised beds , planters, retaining walls, ponds, kerbing or special garden features like seats – almost any structure you want to build in the garden. It’s a bit like using giant Lego.

Hover over the album and use the arrows to move through the photos.