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Pricking out seedlings 1. The first leaves to develop when a seed germinates are the seed leaves. They are also called cotyledon. These leaves are not properly formed but feed the seedling until it has grown true leaves. 2. The true leaves look more like the true plant leaves. Once a seedling has produced true leaves it needs a compost which contains nutrients. It is at this stage that a seedling should be pricked out. 3. Fill a tray, several small pots or as in this case a cell module with compost. 4. Gently press the compost into the tray, pots of cells so that there are no air pockets. 5. Once the container is full of compost level the top. 6. Make a hole which is large enough to take the seedling’s roots 7. Gently tease the seedling from the tray being very careful not to damage the roots. 8. Always hold the seedling by the seed leaves as it is important not to damage, the stem, the roots or the true leaves. 9. Carefully place the roots into the hole in the compost and gently firm the compost around them. 10. It is best to set the seedling slightly lower in the compost than it was growing originally. Usually this will be up to the base of the leaves. 11. Once the seedlings have been pricked out label the tray. 12. Carefully water in the seedlings. For related products click on the link Cold Frames Pots and Modules Gardening Tasks To Gardening Tasks Menu Page