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If you have a pile of contaminated manure contact the Manure Matters website as DOW will arrange to have it removed.  Manure Matters website

Latest information on above

Conversation with DOW Agro-Chemicals  

DOW's website announcement of temporary withdrawal:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Use of indicator plants are frequently mentioned and so I asked a few questions about the use of these plants of the RHS:

Input from the USA

Learning from previous mistakes?

Media coverage

Yorkshire Post click here and follow up article click here and letter published click here and scroll to second letter

Red Orbit published in the US

Observer click here

Article on Allotment and Vegetable Gardening Website click here

Birmingham Mail click here

August issue of Kitchen Garden magazine has a short article and also a piece in the September issue

Radio Leeds  Breakfast Show interviews

Farmers Weekly article click here published 2007

BBC Southern Counties are featuring the problem at 10.10am next Tuesday

BBC Midlands Today click here

Daily Mail click here

The Westmorland Gazette click here

Wakefield Express click here

Bristol Evening Post click here

Horse and Hounds click here

Guardian click here

Daventry Express click here

Keighley News click here

Radio 4 iPM Saturday 9 August

Express and Star click here follow up on 14 August

BBC Gardeners, World 15 August

The Press and Journal (Scotland) click here

Farmers' Guardian forum discussed this in length but it has now been made a members only forum

Daily Mail click here

The Politics Show - Yorkshire and Humberside - 16 November 2009

BBC Radio Leeds - Breakfast Show 2 June 2009 with follow-ups later

Cambridge News click here

Huddersfield Examiner - July 18 2009 Click here

The Express and Star - 7 August 2009 click here and 20 August 2009 click here

Telegraph - 28 August 2009 click here

Guardian - July 2011 click here

Forums and Web sites  with threads on the subject and Websites

The more forums we can get talking about the subject the better so we can make sure other gardeners are less likely to have the problems that we have had in the future. If you find any more let me have the links just so we know how we are doing at getting the word out. The intention isn't to take part in all the discussions or even read them but just to get people talking about the problem - raising the profile.

Allotments UK

Kitchen Garden Magazine and here

Allotments for All

Allotments and Vegetable Growing

Gardeners' Corner

My Garden RHS forum

Joe Swift (Gardeners' World) blog

British Farming Forum thread 1 & thread 2 & thread 3. Access is now restricted to members only!

Money Saving Expert

Grab 'N' Grow - Soil Products

Manure Matters - Advice from DOW AgroChemicals 21 May 2009

Problems in the USA click here  10 August 2009 

The Guardian Gardening Blog click here

Garden Organic click here

MP’s getting involved

Paul Burstow MP click here - Member for Sutton and Cheam click here has asked Parliamentary questions Hansard  - more tabled

Linda McAvan MEP click here MEP for Yorkshire and Humberside and has worked with REACH REACH is a new European Community Regulation on chemicals and their safe use (EC 1907/2006). It deals with the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical substances. The new law entered into force on 1 June 2007.

Tim Brough MP click here - Member for East Worthing and Shoreham has asked Parliamentary questions Hansard

Nigel Farage MEP click here MEP for South East

Vince Cable MP - Member of Parliament for Twickenham click here

Tom Watson MP - Member of Parliament for West Bromwich click here and here

If you wish to involve your MP or MEP and don't know how to contact them then try using this link - Write to Them

The MPs mentioned above have been proactive rather than just sending a letter to a minister and forwarding the reply to their constituent. Thanks to them.

Extra reading for those interested:


This isn’t a complete list of media coverage as I have removed (December 2011) those links that are no longer available and no doubt there are lots of articles out there that I have not been made aware of. The same applies to the links below. Aminopyralid Contamination of Manure Manure - Victims of Contaminated Maure in 2008