July 2017



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This diary is a summary of our garden activities. The links are to blog posts that often give more detail.

I have decided to keep the weekly format

1 July - 9 July


Still very dry so lots of watering

Still picking lots of berries including, blueberries, blackcurrants and Malwina strawberries

Picked first peas

Lots of Regency cabbages

Potted more cucumbers.

Planted more courgettes on the plot

Pricked out broccoli and didiscus

Visited Tophill Low Nature Reserve

Buddleia flowering

Took lavender cuttings

Filled more troughs and growing bags with homemade compost

Bitten by an ant!

Plot flowers

Breezy start

Back to dry

Hot and Sultry

A perfect summer's day - video

We pick, pull and water


10 July - 16 July


Harvested first Helsinki cauliflower

Sowed carrot and Chinese leaves in growing bag

Planted up mint in potato bag

Picked sweet peas and dahlias

Sowed more peas

Planted more courgettes

Visited Kirkham Priory and Sledmere

Picked mangetouts

Picked first blackberries

Still dry and lots of watering

Japanese wineberry seems to have died

Change of plan - lavender

Petals and wings

Coldest July day

Guess who likes jostaberries

Still no rain


17 July - 23 July


Planted alpine strawberries in troughs

Sowed carrots and pak choy direct in the ground

Sowed biennials

Planted out Kilaton cabbage

Picked first climbing French beans and cucumber

Buddleia is flowering and one or two butterflies have visited

Blackberries beginning to ripen

Finally we had some rain

Blue sky all day

One swallow

Water gardening - growing watercress

What storm?

Where's summer gone?

C is for cucumber

Some rain and Brexit cucumbers



24 July - 31 July


Cleared early brassica bed

Picked Oullins Gage plums

Sweet peas providing bucketfuls of flowers

More ripe cucumbers

Bought leucanthemum Broadway Lights and planted in the front garden

Made and hung waspinators

Started picking second lot of peas.

Dug Kestrel potatoes

Tomatoes, peaches and nectarines ripening in the garden greenhouse

Started thinning grapes on the plot

We like our peas

First bed cleared

Wouldn't you just know it?

Just popping in for a meal

Exotics are nearly ready

In defence of Malwina

Below par July



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