November 2016



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This diary is a summary of our garden activities. The links are to blog posts that often give more detail.

As gardening activities wind down as winter approaches, entries in the diary will be weekly rather than daily.

1 - 5 November



Visited Thorp Perrow Aboretum - beautiful autumn colour.

Thorp Perrow arboretum

Our photo album is here

Out after dark

Thorp Perrow video 1

Thorp Perrow video 2

We had our first real frosts

Meagre Pickings

Picked batch of parsley to freeze.

A cold but colourful day out

Sunny but cold

6 - 13 November



First flurry of snow this week

Getting worse

Forecast for a keen frost and snow

Oh dear

Winter's early

Visited RSPB Old Moor

RSPB Old Moor

Acer is looking beautiful

Just one visit to the plot - started to tidy the redcurrant bed, dug the first parsnips and picked the first chrysanthemums.

Controlling weeds part 1 - fruit

Going underground

A plot visit


14 - 20 November



Tidied summer house and garden greenhouse

Moved more tender plants into the garden greenhouse

Computer updating update

Photographed super moon

Mild and cloudy super moon day

Picked a handful of tomatoes

Made a pumpkin pie with a ginger biscuits crust

Made a vegetable curry using some squash

Medlar leaves turned autumnal

Acer has lost most of its leaves

Cold and wet

Fruits of our labour 2016

Pumpkin Pie with a ginger biscuit crust


21- 27 November


The tree are losing leaves quickly

Our acer us almost bare

Bought some ferns for the bathroom

Bought some primroses to plant up a tub and also come anemone de Caen to plant later

Visited RSPB Old Moor

We don't put all our eggs (or potatoes) in one basket

Controlling weeds part two - vegetables

A murmuration?

Cold and wet weekend

At lease the robin came to say hello

Freezing mist


28 - 30 November



Tidied up redcurrant patch

Some cold frosty weather

Harvested some chrysanthemums and a parsnip

Autumn onions have grown well so far

It was a pea year

Coldest this year

Into the freezer and video tour of the plot










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