Minted Radish, Carrot and Onion Side Salad

 This recipe tends to tone down the bitter taste that some radishes have and so may even appeal to those who don’t like radishes!




Number and proportion of ingredients can vary to taste

  • 8 large radishes (a variety of colours looks good)
  • 2 baby carrots
  • rings cut from very small onion – preferably red
  • a few leaves of mint
  • sufficient rice wine vinegar to coat well
  • caster sugar to taste – I used about half a teaspoonful





  1. Cut the radishes into slices lengthwise
  2. Cut the carrots into thin matchstick/julienne strips
  3. Slice the onion very finely
  4. Chop the mint leaves
  5. Place all ingredients into a small bowl and mix together.
  6. Add the caster sugar and mix well
  7. Add the rice vinegar and again mix well.




  • If you prefer leave out the onion or use a shallot instead
  • You could also add a few sesame seeds




Some rice vinegar is seasoned and has sugar and salt already added so remember to read the label.

Download printable version


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