Broad Bean and Bacon Snack

 Pat was full of beans and so decided to have a go at inventing a tasty snack.




  • Sufficient broad beans for number of servings
  • Rashers of bacon (1 large rasher for two people)
  • Oil for cooking (choose your favourite cooking oil)
  • Crusty rolls to serve





  1. Pod the broad beans
  2. Place the broad beans in a pan and boil as usual
  3. Whilst the beans are cooking – cut the bacon into small pieces
  4. Fry bacon in a little oil until it is crispy
  5. When the beans are cooked, drain well
  6. Add the beans to the bacon
  7. Stir well so that the beans are coated with the oil.
  8. Serve the snack in a small bowl with a crusty roll.

Download printable version


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