Small Pebble Bed

We had a small area near the edge of the pond and against the lawn where we used to just place pots of plants for summer. We were never happy with it as most of the time it just looked tatty.

One of the most successful areas of the garden was the pebble garden. We also really liked the alpine type plants and so we decided to make a smaller pebble bed in this area. As the larger pebble garden is also alongside the pond this smaller bed shouldn't look out of place.


In 2015 we made a start. We wanted the bed to be at the same height as the pond edge and to join up with the container housing the palm. Moving the container wasn't an option as it would fall apart if we attempted to move it and our guess is that the palm had long rooted through the bottom.


After consideration we decided on a log roll edging, partly as this would easily form a curve and also we had log edging on other beds in the area.

The bed was set out and filled with a mixture of top soil and grit. We also had some large stones which were also set in the bed to create different levels and planting pockets.


We then started to buy plants to fill the bed and top dressed with pebbles.

Some plants settled in well but we had been a little too adventurous with some of our choices which were really not suitable and died.


In 2016 more plants were added. Some of these were plants that were proving too small to hold their own in the larger pebble garden and so were transferred to this bed.

The bed will continue to evolve. As I write this at least once plant has grown too large and will change place with a plant that is being overshadowed in the larger pebble garden.


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