Red and Yellow Bed

The bed behind the house and next to the garage had never been given the attention it deserved so in 2015 we decided to remedy that.


We decided that we needed to inject a splash of colour and so decided to create a red and yellow bed.


Our first tasks were to remove all the existing plants, slightly reshape the bed and improve the soil.


At each end of the bed was a mature camellia, both which we wanted to keep. One is pale pink which isn't really in keeping with the colour theme but as it flowers before the perennials it isn't a big problem. Both camellias will grow huge id we let them and so regular trimiing is necessary.

The first lot of perennials were purchased and planted along with some plants that had already been in the border and the odd plant given to me as a division.

We already had a red rose and yellow honeysuckle growing up the screen and so we added a dark red rose  - Etoile d'Hollande and a yellow one - Chris. I think the existing rose is Crimson Glory.

It's quite surprising that once you decide on a colour scheme plants that suit are fairly elusive, however the first selection was planted.

The perennials grew quickly and were soon putting on a display.

Later I added some narcissi and tulips to provide colour in spring before the perennials started to flower.

Over winter there were some casualties. I added more plants in 2016 and moved some around

One thing that I have learned for 2017 is that I need to stake some of the taller plants to stop them swamping the less vigorous occupants of the bed.


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