The Fernery

In 2012 when we had our summerhouse erected we were left with a small bed to the north of the summerhouse that just seemed to cry out for ferns to be planted. To the west of the bed is a willow screen. The area is fairly enclosed having a shrub border and small piece (and  I mean small almost amounting to a path really) of lawn  to the north and our greenhouse to the east. This means the bed is sheltered and doesn’t get direct sunshine or if it does very little.


We already had lots of ferns scattered around the garden so rather then buying new plants the idea was to bring a selection of these ferns together.


The bed was raised slightly using a log border as this bed has a curve this seemed the most suitable type of edging and it a also gives a sort or rustic woodland effect.


I can’t provide a list of plants used as over the years the labels have gone missing from most of them but the varieties have a variety of frond shapes, colours and size.


June 2012

June 2012


The photo above was taken a month later in July 2012


July 2014

January 2016


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