Aucuba Corner

Opposite the fernery in the small section of garden just outside of the greenhouse is a small corner bed containing a cluster of shrubs.

The first shrub planted there was an aucuba, hence the name used to differentiate this bed.

Planted behind the aucuba and towering above it is a garrya which came from a cutting taken from an original plant since removed. It is trained as a standard.


A mahonia aquifolium grows alongside the aucuba.

Alongside the mahonia is a special plant, special in that it was a gift from a bird. A bird, probably a blackbird must have chosen the arch, leading to another part of the garden, on which to enjoy a daphne berry., (alternatively it could have used the arch for a toilet break bit that doesn't create as pleasant a picture). Either way a seed was deposited and grew producing a lovely shrub. Squeezed up against the arch isn't a spot that I would have chosen for it  but to move it would be likely to lose it.

Growing up one side of the framework of the arch is clematis - Princess Diana.

There are one or two ferns, a sprawling purple vinca, a centaurea montana and one or two other plants snuggled around the base of the shrubs but generally other than a bit of cutting back, this area is left to look after itself


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