September 2017



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September 2016 diary entry

September seed sowing schedule

Details of what was sown/planted in September



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September harvesting schedule

Details of our September harvest


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This diary is a summary of our garden activities. The links are to blog posts that often give more detail.

I have decided to keep the weekly format

1 - 3 September


Visited Potteric Carr nature reserve

Dug remaining potatoes

Started pruning Glencoe raspberry

Tomatoes now ripening quickly

August in pictures

#mygardenrightnow - autumn

A disappointing August

Last potatoes lifted

Adolescent robin

2017 Potato Trial Results


4 - 10 September


Very little gardening this week other than some harvesting

Finished pruning and tying in of Glencoe

Started pruning jostaberries and gooseberries

Harvested first grapes, sweetcorn, sweet red pepper and Snackbite pepper

Being visited by lots of goldfinches

Brought first box of onions home to store in summerhouse over winter

Picked some lavender

Unwelcome visitors and correction

A wet start to September

A surprising recovery


11 - 17 September


Only one plot visit this week mainly to harvest

Orchids flowering but the leave look pale and discoloured

Not able to get to the plot and so annuals have been sown in modules

Quince now ripening well

Brassicas in cold frame growing well

Lots of ripe tomatoes


Wet start to September

Aileen blows through



18 - 24 September



Very autumnal this week

Runner beans have been flattened

Picked and froze all sweetcorn

Picking Snackbite peppers.

Pulled some spring onions.

Picked Egremont Russet and Fiesta apples and Invincible pear

Annual seeds are germinating except for nigella and larkspur.

Will it rain every day this month?

A rain free day at last

Dash and grab


25 - 30 September


Planted cauliflowers, kale, broccoli and cabbage

Harvested quince and more apples and pears.

annual seedlings are growing well

Cut back passion flower which was taking over

Autumn touches the plot

Pond watercress - a lettuce substitute

Made it to the plot - video

Another plot visit  - video

Edging towards my wettest September

Another assisted plot visit

Autumn Gold

A wet September



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