October 2017



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October 2016 diary entry

October seed sowing schedule

Details of what was sown/planted in October



October harvesting schedule

Details of our October harvest


Archive for previous years' diaries dating from 2007 can be accessed by clicking here

This diary is a summary of our garden activities. The links are to blog posts that often give more detail.

I have decided to keep the weekly format

1 - 8 October


Picked first melon from garden greenhouse

Harvested first red cabbage and beetroot form the ploy

Annual seedlings growing well

Ordered bulbs for patio tubs

Tidied runner beans

Pruned blackberry.

Squash leaves have disappeared

Gaillardia have changed colour

A windy start to October

A rare harvest melon Emir

Still managing the occasional plot visit

Fine weather for harvesting


9 - 15 October




Harvested more wonky carrots

A good crop of red cabbage

Grass paths tidied and some spent crops cleared

Finished pruning jostaberries and started on the summer fruiting raspberries.

Gales forecast and lifting carrots video

Daisy, daisy

Record October warmth

Balmy weather


More balmy weather and an ex hurricane



16 - 22 October


The weather and medical appointments have meant only no plot visits this week and very few photo opportunities

Cleared planting tubs on patio at home

Tomatoes cleared from garden greenhouse

Ophelia blows through

Strange light

What a month and we are only half way through

Brian's late


23 - 29 October


Cut back the watercress again

Pruned and tied in the summer fruiting raspberries

Cut back the elder in the wild area and trimmed the aucuba hedge

Tidied the early annual bed

Cleared the outdoor tomatoes

Bulbs arrived for patio tubs

Picked red peppers.

Visited RSPB Old Moor

Chrysanthemums are flowering

Watercress madness

Dull and mild

Long tailed tit

Windiest October day

Trying to play catch-up - with video

Harvesting resumed


30 - 31 October


Planted patio pots with crocuses, tulips, narcissus and anemone de Caen

Cut back buddleia and started to cut back the magnolia

October 2017 was mild, dry and windy




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