March 2017



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March 2016 diary entry

March seed sowing schedule

Details of what was sown/planted in March



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March harvesting schedule

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This diary is a summary of our garden activities. The links are to blog posts that often give more detail.

I have decided to keep the weekly format

1 - 5 March


Tidied the greenhouse - planted onion and shallot sets and potatoes in bags and tubs

Sowed leek and broad bean seeds

Cut back dead from plants overwintering in the greenhouse

Peach, nectarine and apricot have flower buds

Weeding and tidying on the plot

Created a lid pond on the plot for the birds

Spring bulbs opening.

Camera shy - #mygardenrightnow

And we're off ...

New for 2017 - part 8 (bird bath bed)


Wouldn't you know it ...

Sowing and planting

A New Wildlife Pond - with video


6 - 12 March


Visited Temple Newsam where the display of crocuses was impressive

Hand pollinating, apricot, nectarine and peach flowers in the garden greenhouse

The frogs are back

They have arrived

Planted more potatoes ion pots

Day out in East Lancashire

Made a bug hotel on the allotment

More tidying

Harvested cauliflowers and first rhubarb

Crocus time at Temple Newsam

Getting down to soil level

Surprise, surprise with video

More potatoes in tubs with video

Bug Hotel or more accurately bug pyramid with video


13 - 19 March


Lots more tilling and tidying on the plot - tidied round greenhouse

Treated shed with Cuprinol

Bought more violas for tub

Onions and shallots shooting

Broad beans and leeks germinated

Lettuce sown and germinating

First camellia flower

Cut first daffodils and a cabbage.

Harvested a few shoots of broccoli and kale leaves

Harvested last sprouts

Dug up last carrots which now have too much slug damage

First cut of grass on plot and in garden

Trimmed and tied in cold frame area climbing roses/

Cornflowers sown last autumn growing well and calendulas devastated by slugs

Flowers on wallflowers and alpine strawberries

Primroses flowering

Fruit trees and bushes budding.

Photographed first dipper

Hand pollinating apricot, peach and nectarine

Plot update - a summary

Pollination without the buzz

March on the plot and one of our wildlife projects

They're up

Getting stuck in

Sowing early lettuce

Getting ready


20 - 26 March


Bought some dahlias for the perennial bed on the allotment

Lots of flowers and shrubs beginning to flower in the garden

Plum and honeyberries are flowering on the plot

More bed preparation on the plot

Sowed sweet peas.

Tidied pots of herbs in the garden

Trimmed the heathers that had finished flowering.

Some apricots appear to have set

Banana cut back but already starting to regrow.

Slugs eating germinating lettuce

The early brassica plug plants have arrived and been potted on

Rhubarb - how's yours doing?

Garden greenhouse update - a summary

Daffodils and rhubarb

They're up and eaten

Odd weather day

If it's not slugs, it's mice

Not much to show


27 - 31 March


Some sweet pea seeds eaten by mice - covered remaining seeds with plastic covers and sent for more seeds

Goldfinches are back

Moved shallots, onions and broad  beans into the cold frame

We think some apricots have set

Repotted hostas and protected with Slug Gone

Day out in Yorkshire Dales

Garden Update - a summary

Plot companions

The Flying Scotsman reopens the Settle to Carlisle Railway

Mild but Disappointing

If it's not slugs it's mice

A very mild March


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