February 2017



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February 2016 diary entry

February seed sowing schedule

Details of what was sown/planted in February



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February harvesting schedule

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This diary is a summary of our garden activities. The links are to blog posts that often give more detail.

I have decided to keep the weekly format

1 - 5 February



Hellebores, iris reticulata and double snowdrops are beginning to flower

Cut back dead perennials in the red and yellow border and the blue and white border

Major clear up of perennial border on the plot

Looking brighter

Huge parsnips

Promise of things to come

Snap, dig, pull

Too Harsh?

6 - 12 February


Gardening on hold this week as the weather has been miserable

Made an apple branch for the birds

Two goldfinches are back

Catkins are out on the plot

Winter Brassica Issues

Something new for 2017 - part 5 - Peppers

Early flowers

A Reminder it's Still Winter

We're in a Dry Spell


13 - 19 February



Picked first lots of Pak Choi

Coppiced one of the plot hazels

Visited Yorkshire Dales

Visited Hodsock Priory for the snowdrop display

Bought two Sarococca Purple Stem shrubs

Finished tidying rose border on the plot.

There's tidying and there's TIDYING

Something new for 2017 - Part 6 ( Allotment flower border)

I wonder whether that feeder is safe?

Smoke and Snowdrops

Hodsock Priory - More than just snowdrops

When it doesn't go according to plan

Some welcome sunshine

Too harsh?

Almost same, old same old.


20 - 28 February


Potted up sarcococca

Cut the ferns back

More beds tidied on the plot

Prepared the early brassica bed

Tidied and weeded strawberry bed

Trimmed lavender

Early rhubarb is growing well

Our expected visitor didn't arrive - video

New for 2017 - part 7 Mushy peas

Behind already

Allotment progress - video

Frost free February

Started chitting main crop potatoes

Planning for early planting

Free refurbishment of the plot - video

February 2017 - Dull and mild



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