August 2017



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This diary is a summary of our garden activities. The links are to blog posts that often give more detail.

I have decided to keep the weekly format

1 - 6 August


Thinned more bunches of grapes on the plot

Picked lots of Oullins Gage plums

Picked Robin Hood broad beans

Started picking second sowing of peas

Cleared first brassica bed

Picked first ripe Sungold tomatoes

Tried first peach and nectarine but not quite ripe

Picked first Kalibro cabbage

Lots of blackberries to pick

Picking runner and climbing French beans

Picked a punnet of Malwina strawberries

Just Flowers

Wrong month's started

Not what I call small

Not ready yet


7 - 13 August



Bought a new bird feeding station and stained it

Bought a new bird feeder

Lifted onions and shallots and made makeshift drying tables

Brassica plant arrived from DT Brown and potted up

Planted out PSB

Runner and climbing French beans being harvested

Lots of sweet peas

Harvesting peas, plums, greengages, blueberries, rhubarb and tomatoes

Harvested first fig, peaches and apples

Lifted some potatoes

Thinned outdoor grape bunches

Severely 'pruned' plot cherry tree


Settled, unsettled weather

Coolest start to August

Wouldn't you know it

Plot perennial border - includes video

Time to dig potatoes and pick beans - includes video

Ugly fruits but extremely tasty



14 - 20 August


Very wet and windy week

Picked all the peaches

Picked some nectarines and figs

Potted up forget-me- nots and didiscus - slugs ate didiscus

Picked various apples including first Tickled Pink

Dug Vivaldi and Nadine potatoes

Harvested first summer squash

Harvested all the greengages and continued harvesting Victoria plums

Blueberries still ripening.

Still using winter onions

Recovered waspinators

Cut back and tidied strawberry plants

A peek in the garden

Heaviest rain of 2017

Peaches galore - sort of


The wrong sort of weather

Tickled Pink



21 - 27 August


Dug more potatoes - Nadine and Orla

Lifted trial potatoes

Sowed, swede, spinach, chard and spring onions

Picked all nectarines.

Picked first aubergine and sweet pepper

Trimmed basil

Pruned and tidied around tayberry

Sorted and boxed some of the onions

Supported bent and broken apple trees.

Summerhouse hibiscus

Who eats all the sunflower hearts?

A warm snap

Too much to bear

Update on annual flower bed

Saving the best 'til last

Why we don't put all pour potatoes on one bed


28 - 31 August


All onions and shallots stored in boxes for winter.

Picked Discovery apples

Picked more figs

Tidying and harvesting

Day on North Yorkshire Moors

North Yorkshire Moors



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