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April 2016 diary entry

April seed sowing schedule

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April harvesting schedule

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This diary is a summary of our garden activities. The links are to blog posts that often give more detail.

I have decided to keep the weekly format

1 - 9 April



Plum and greengage blossom came out and is almost over. Pears are loaded with blossom. Cherries too are flowering and the apple blossom is just opening.

Fruit bushes are flowering including the earliest blueberry.

The trachycarpus is in bud

Brassicas and sweet peas are germinating

Perennial collections arrived from Suttons and plugs have been planted in pots

On the plot planted potatoes and sowed peas.

Planted out broad beans, onions and shallots grown in modules.

More bed preparation

Tied in tall raspberry canes

Marsh marigold is beginning to flower

Lots of ladybirds mating on the pear trees.

Tulips flowering and last of daffodils,.

Arranged hazel twigs as supports for quickly growing perennials

Lunch in the jungle

Let planting commence

Plot tree blossom

Bonus pickings

We're being spoilt

A plot tour

First earlies and tester potatoes planted

A busy weekend of planting

Busy day planting

Video - Planting broad beans and shallots


10 - 16 April


For one reason or another not much gardening this week.

Lots of seeds have been sown and some have germinated quickly

Tidied and potted up streptocarpus

Some sweet peas have been sown to replace mouse eaten ones

A full list of sowing and planting can be viewed here

The Indoor Grow Light has been brought into action

Had an afternoon at newly opened RSPB St Aidans.

Is it spring, summer or what?

The Salad Garden by Joy Larkcom - a book review

Fruit setting

A dry start to April

April's getting colder

Our new RPSB reserve is open

Video - A look around the garden greenhouse

17 - 23April


Lots of seed sowing - the full list is here

Lots of seedlings ready ti be pricked out.

The apple blossom is looking lovely

Quince is flowering

Planted more potatoes- the first lot is pushing through.

Potatoes on pots and bags are at various stages - some have had more compost added.

Dahlia tubers are shooting

Planted more onion sets.

More tidying and bed preparation on the plot

Grapevine in greenhouse in leaf and the ones outside have buds just breaking.

Had two days in Norfolk - bluebells flowering.

Jumped the first hurdle  - stone fruit

What's this in my tomato seedlings?

Apple blossom time

It's still getting colder

Greenhouse update

The root of the problem - club root

Confusing club root

A break in Norfolk

A Poor Forecast

23 - 30 April


One or two hailstorms

Strawberry flowers and potato shoots seemed to survive the low temperatures

Pricked out some seedlings including brassicas, tomatoes, and courgettes

Moved perennials to cold frame

Sowed seed and planted lettuces in raised salad bed.

Nipped out sweet peas.

Sowed parsnips

Completed tidying of autumn raspberry bed.

Sweet rocket and self sown cerinthe flowering.

Harvested cauliflower.

Popped root of watercress in the pond

Pebble garden coming into flower

First rosebuds forming.

Clivia is flowering

Matriarchal society aphid style

Feeling blue

Sunny but Cold

Winter Returns

Cold Spell Continues

Catching up a bit

It's Taken a Long Time to get to this Point



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