December 2016


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December 2015 diary entry


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This diary is a summary of our garden activities. The links are to blog posts that often give more detail.

As gardening activities wind down as winter approaches, entries in the diary will be weekly rather than daily.

1 - 4 December



Visited Clumber Park

Pruned whitecurrant and blackberry

Started tidying flower bed on the plot

Mulched fruit trees and bushes with home produced compost

Harvested carrots, parsnips and leeks

Planted primroses in a tub

Parsnip surprise

Allotment black gold

A December visit to Clumber Park

Harvesting a chicken stew - well almost

Patching up the redcurrant patch

Meeting the wildlife at Clumber Park


5 - 11 December


Visited YWT Potteric Carr

Too damp and miserable to garden

Another look at our potato crop

Almost another record

Good and bad subjects

Visit to Potteric Carr


12 - 18 December


Visited the plot to harvest some vegetables

More tidying of the overgrown flower bed

Empty more of the compost bays and spread around fruit and on empty beds.

Can you have too many beans?

Heaps of the stuff

Parsnip heaven

Planning for next year

First picking of Horbury sprouts


19 - 25 December



Visited the plot to harvest a few fresh vegetables

More tidying of rose bed on the plot.

Onions were very wey in the plor shged and some going mouldy. They were brought home and into the summerhouse to try and rescue them.

Onions make me weep

Happy Christmas.

Battening down the hatches


26 - 31 December


December seed sowing schedule

Details of what was sown/planted in December


December harvesting schedule

Details of our December harvest








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