The Development of Plot 46 - Our Plans for a Communal Plot


Plot 46 was supplied by the council to the Green Lane Allotments Association as a communal resource. It was being used as a general dump for all things that tenants didn't want on their own plots. Once the site had full occupancy and has a cared for look, this plot stood out as being an eyesore and so we began developing it as a useful shared resource.


The photograph above showed the scale of the task we faced. The plot had been used as a dump for manure, poultry waste and wood chippings. Tenants had also used the area to dump materials and rubble not wanted on their own plots. Weeds had grown over the heaps.







The central area of the plot had been used to store an ever increasing collection of cans - due to be recycled. It was also used as a burning area.






















Unfortunately some people (not always tenants - I suspect) had the wrong idea of what really should be burned there and rubbish had collected that really wouldn't burn. Also our can collection area was very makeshift - we needed to investigate the acquisition of a 'proper' collection point.













A local tree surgeon delivered wood chippings that tenants use for their paths but as this wasn't enclosed, the chippings spread across the car park. This was unsightly and also encouraged children to play in the pile. You wouldn't believe what the large logs were used for. Allotment tenants are a resourceful lot.















This is the part of the plot which would become our storage area. Wooden bays would be constructed for manure, wood chippings and poultry waste.




















The intention was that this area under the pussy willow 'tree' would hopefully be enhanced by the constructed of some raised flower beds which would improve the look of the site from the main entrance.


















Joe decided to have a go at strimming down all the weeds and grass but this proved impossible and so instead he set to with his scythe. In Joe's own words it was hard graft. The plot was then raked over and debris was burned by Barry. It was good to have made a start!













We had a skip delivered and Pat, Joe, Martyn and Sue spent an afternoon clearing rubbish off the site. With John's help and Paul acting as foreman the cans were moved to a temporary home by the entrance. Quite a number of tipsy frogs and toads were found hiding under the heap of cans. These were gently removed to an alternative location so that they could 'sleep off' the effects. The plot was beginning to look larger by the minute and offered even more potential.




What was now needed was someone with a JCB to flatten the heaps.


Once the plot was levelled we covered the whole area with thick weed suppressant material.


A diary of events follows here



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