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Mick's Allotment and Garden in Chatham - Kent

Mick, one of our visitors, sent me these photographs of his allotment plot and his garden.

Mick lives in Chatham in Kent and acquired his allotment at the end of November 2007, after three years on the waiting list. He shares his plot with his mate Alan. Alan is photographed with Mick's two children below. Mick is the one relaxing on his garden seat. Alan and Mick work on opposite shifts so one of them manages to get on the plot every day.

The photo on the top left was taken when they first  took over the plot. They have been busy since then and the plot is now 90% dug over and weeded. So far they have managed to plant some garlic. Nothing else has been planted yet as it is too early to plant but Mick says that he is "jumping at the bit to get planting". He says that he is im a plants man on the quiet so will be starting all sorts of soon at home. Both Mick and Alan feel that plants get a better start in life with the aid of a propagator. They hope to grow some usual plants such as cabbages onions etc. but also some more unusual crops such as gourds including shark fin melon, squash.  He also has a fig tree that is destined for the plot. Mick says that the older allotmenteers on his site are helpful but are not impressed by their plans.

Both Alan and Mick are into exotics plants which they grow in their gardens but decided that the acquisition of an allotments would enable them to take their gardening experience one step further, but they acknowledge that they are just at the start of their allotment learning curve and hope both of their families will get a great deal of benefit from the plot.

Mick also sent some photos of his exotic garden. He has a plantation of Musa Basjoo bananas. He also has other types of banana - ensete maurelii - that he has nurtured for three years and reached  eight feet this year and -  sikkimensis-  which he grew it from seed and is now seven foot tall now. Mick also has a huge and varied collection. indoor and outdoors palms and says that his wife Gina claims to be a palm widow!

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