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Choosing Garden Sheds and Cabinets Metal Plastic Wood Featheredge                              Shiplap Apex Pent

Choosing a Garden Shed:
Before choosing a shed you need to decide what you will use it for. Is it just for storage, is it going to double up as a workshop or potting shed, is it somewhere to shelter from the weather?

If the shed is to be used just for storage then would a storage cabinet be suitable instead? Sheds just used for storage may not need to have a window. This may also be seen as added security by keeping your gardening tools out of sight.

However if you wish to use the shed as a workshop or potting shed then you will require as much light as possible.

Which material?
Sheds can be made of wood, plastic or metal. Your choice may be simply based on the appearance of the shed or based on cost.   

Wooden sheds – These are usually pre-treated but will need to be re-treated once a year with a wood preserver. Boards may be overlapping (Featheredge) or fit together using a tongue and groove method (Shiplap).

Metal sheds – a good choice if you need a fire resistant shed. These could be more prone to dampness.

Plastic – usually confined to storage cabinets. They are light and easily moved and waterproof.

Which Size?
It is generally advisable to choose as large a shed as you can afford or that will fit into the space available. Also take the height into consideration. You need to be able to stand upright comfortably. If you garden on an allotment there may be rules about the maximum size allowed.

Does appearance matter?
If the shed is to be sited in your garden then appearance may be of more importance than if the shed is sited on an allotment site

Consider security
How will you keep your shed secure? Contrary to what you may believe a shed without a window or with a window that is covered isn’t more secure than one with a window. We have found that if a thief can’t see what is inside your shed, it is likely to be broken into just in case whereas a shed with a window and no desirable items in view can be a less attractive proposition

Which Shape?
Choice of the shape and style of your shed will need to be considered. The use of your shed and it’s position will need to be considered.

We chose a pent style as we wanted the door to be situated on the longer side and also thought this style was more suitable for using as a retreat for shelter and a coffee break.

I posted about our shed on my blog here

Storage cabinets
If your shed is for storage only you many want to consider a storage cabinet instead. These usually take up less room than a shed.

Unless otherwise stated - all of the above are available from Garden Buildings Direct where you can also find lots more options, and designs