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Gardens shouldn’t just be places to work they should be areas for enjoyment too so there should as many places as possible where you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Equally on warm summer evenings - yes we do get them occasionally there is nothing better that to dine al fresco.

We have various places to sit in our garden and the furniture is very varied ranging from a wooden bench to a wrought iron bistro table and chairs.

It’s equally important to vary the types of location of garden furniture. We have a wooden table and chairs close to the house where meals can be easily brought out and enjoyed under a half covered patio. A garden bench is sited under a arbour which benefits from shade in the afternoon. We have a small folding wooden table that can be brought out of it’s home in the greenhouse and set up wherever we want to have a lunch time snack.

Our bistro table and chairs are situated near our fish pond where we can enjoy a coffee break whilst watching the fish and listen to the soothing sound of ware running into the pond. The seats near the pond tend to be in full sun and so currently we are trying to decide whether a parasol would be a good addition or maybe a shade sail.

Walls are also built with flat coping stones which are wide enough to sit on comfortably.

To add to our comfort we also have weatherproof cushions which can be used on the bench or on the wooden chairs.

Whatever type of furniture you choose is a matter of personal taste but I can fully recommend creating as many seating areas as you can.

So what is there to choose from?

To make sitting on the benches an even more comfortable experience they also have outdoor cushions available

If you want to dine al fresco then you will need a patio set. You can choose between a set that can be folded and put away, maybe over winter, or a more permanent fixture. Patio sets are available in a range of materials, wood, slate, granite, metal or rattan.

Covers are available to protect your furniture from the elements - we have covers for any furniture that can’t be stored under cover.

Parasols & Shade Sails

Unless your seating is provided with natural shade you may need a parasol or shade sail. Parasols are available with either their own adjustable stand or to be used by placing through a purpose made hole in a patio table. Even if you place the parasol in the centre of a table it is a good idea to place a stand under the table so that this keeps the parasol more secure.

To use a shade sail you need to have some suitable sturdy anchorage points. They are available in a range of sizes with either three or four fixing points. Shapes of the sails are either triangles or quadrilaterals.

A picnic bench and table may be suitable for your garden or if you are wanting to indulge yourself even a hammock!

Other alternatives are a garden seat with its own arbour or even a garden swing.

If you want to make use of your patio on an evening you may also consider adding lighting and heaters.

For many people eating outdoors means having a barbecue. We haven’t had a barbecue in our garden but we have had a few on our allotment plot. Here we combine the use of the barbecue will a small portable calor gas stove. To leave it in our garden shed would be asking for it to be stolen so it travels with us. We tend to take the stove to the plot on each visit so we can have a freshly made cup of coffee often sharing our breaks with plot neighbours.

If a barbecue appeals then the type you can buy does really depend where you intend to use it. On our plot it has to be a simple charcoal burner whereas in the garden it can be quite a sophisticated piece of equipment.

Alternatively you may wish to make your own garden furniture by recycling pre-used articles see here Thanks to the girls in Ms. Russells class for sending the link.