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Adding a pergola, gazebo, arbour or arch can add a new dimension to a garden. They add height and interest, they can provide support for climbing plants and give you a shady or sheltered place in which to sit.

Alternatively an arch or pergola can be used to frame a particularly interesting feature or object in the garden.

They are not merely designed to be decorative but to also have a purpose.

Although as mentioned all can support plant growth they can also stand alone as design features in their own right.

There are many designs of ready made arches, arbours and pergolas or you can design and make your own. Whatever you choose the style should fit it with the overall style of your garden.

There are many definitions of pergolas and arbours and what the difference is so below I’ve picked a few examples to try and illustrate what I think are the differences

An arbour is nor designed so you are able to walk through it. It provides a sheltered seating area but it doesn’t have a solid roof so would not give shelter from rain.

It could be placed on a patio but would need some sort of permanent anchoring ir it wasn’t to blow away in strong winds.

It could be placed in a garden area where climbers could grow up the sides. As with many of these features scented climbers would provide perfume.

These are similar to arbours but have a covered roof and so would be shower-proof. Some have an integral floored area, As with the arbour most have sides that are open and could be used to support climbing plants.

You can also but pop up tent like gazebos - we have one that we take to our allotment plot. These can be fairly easily erected - you do need two people though - to provide temporary shelter and shade

A summer house  is a totally enclosed building with glass windows and doors

A pergola has open sides which may just be a set of poles. Plants can be grown up the poles. It has an open roof which also may be clothed with plants. It may be sited to form a corridor over a pathway or provide a seating area

Arches are erected over a pathway to provide an entrance or gateway to a different part of the garden. They may also include a gate. Plants can be grown up the sides but if the archway is fairly narrow it is best to avoid prickly plants that may attack people as they pass through.